Summer Romance: Five Alluring Getaways

Ah, the romantic summer vacation –warm days, scenic wonders, interesting things to do together —  a chance to reconnect away from the every day drudgery that saps the amour right out of you.

I’ve been consulting with my romance-writer friends, and we agree that these five trips are the best for reviving the romantic spirit:

  1. Rhine River cruise. Was it the day of castle-lined scenic cruising? The strolls through quaint, flower-filled towns? Or perhaps the gourmet dinners with real French champagne night after night? All I can say for sure is that falling in love again in this setting is as easy as nachtisch.
  2. Italy. Really, just anywhere — a tour, a cruise, a week in Rome — doesn’t matter. Multiple trips to the bel paese may be necessary to explore the full range of romantic options! I would suggest a tour of Venice, Florence, and Rome by car, train, or guided tour; a Rome-to-Venice cruise; or renting a villa in Tuscany and driving out  for day trips to Florence, old Roman and Medieval  towns, and picturesque wineries.
  3. Albuquerque-Santa Fe-Taos, New Mexico. The perfect week can be spent experiencing the timeless magic of Native American arts and architecture, exploring desert landscapes brightened by the life-giving waters of the Rio Grande, and discovering unique dining treasures (this trip is easy, but let me help you plan it anyway because I know all the best places to go!).
  4. Alaska cruise. With a dramatic backdrop of mountains and glaciers everywhere along the way, you’ll feel like stars in a movie made just for you. This trip can be as adventurous or as relaxing as you want — choose romantic strolls through quaint towns and scenic parks; active adventures perhaps kayaking, fishing, or ziplining; or scenic touring and wildlife viewing — I recommend a combination of all three experiences for the ultimate romantic escape.
  5. Caribbean beaches. Whether you stay in one place (may I suggest an all-inclusive resort?) or cruise around to multiple tropical islands, you’ll thrill to the romance of The Beach! Try a vacation each way to decide which you like the most; but either way you’ll enjoy romantic strolls, slathering each other with sunscreen, cuddling under an umbrella, and splashing around in warm turquoise seawater. There’s a place for adventure, too, with snorkeling and water sports, cultural excursions, and sea life encounters. Oh, and did I mention fine dining? Sunset sailaways? Evening entertainment, music, and dancing? Stargazing? Watching movies together under the stars? The romance never ends…

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