Top Five Airport Bookstores

My writer friends tell me that now they sell more e-books than paperbacks, but I know a place where plenty of people are still buying and reading real books — the airport!  When you have some time ahead of a flight, here are some of the airport bookstores you’ll want to browse around in while you wait:

#1. Seattle. The Hudson Booksellers store in this airport is huge, with an impressive selection! Other excellent stores where you can snag an unusual gift-book are Fireworks, Wishing Stone, and Sub Pop. Sea-Tac is a great airport for shopping in general.

#2. San Antonio. So many fun boutiques to browse! For books and other reading material, check out San Antonio Express News, Simply Books, and Stars of San Antonio.

#3. Atlanta. I don’t think I’ve been anywhere that has more bookstores, magazine kiosks, or newstand/convenience stores! Buckhead Bookstore is especially nice, but there’s also Simply Books, Southern Living News, and The New York Times Books & News. There are multiple locations, so even though the airport is one of the country’s largest, you can find one of these terrific stores at whatever terminal you’re in.

#4. Boston.  Booklink is the big one, but be sure to check out Kids Works and Life is Good for some fun stuff, too.

#5. Reagan National Airport, Washington DC. Another big airport with a surprisingly large assortment of bookstores and news/convenience stores. But in addition to the more common Hudson News stores, Heritage Bookstore, and Forbes Newsstand, there are two unique treasures you won’t want to miss — Pen & Prose, and America!

Be sure to keep something to read on-hand for the plane, by the pool, and at the beach – wherever you can enjoy some “me time” and relaxation on your vacation! Bon Voyage